Pencil and Paper Games…

It is always helpful to know a few games your students can play with just a pencil and paper. They are a no-hassle way to keep them entertained and there are many benefits beyond mastery of content which make game-based learning, especially non-digital formats, a must for any classroom. There are definite benefits to incorporating games into the classroom.

  • Student-Centered Learning.
  • Social-Emotional Growth through Development of “Soft” Skills.
  • Helps With Fast Strategic Thinking & Problem-Solving.
  • Increases A Child’s Memory Capacity.

Here’s one of my favorites: Group Soup

  • Create a grid of squares and list random letters down the left column.
  • Across the top row, list different categories lite cities, sport teams, or types of food. Foods that start with U? The letters you pick can make the game easier or harder.
  • Take turns filling in the grid with words that fit each category *and* start with the letter in the left-hand column. For example, you might write “cat” for pets that begin with the letter C.


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